What Activities Does Camp Couchiching Offer?
Adventure – Have your students challenge themselves by participating in our adventure program. If you pick this interest session your school will receive the opportunity to try either our 30-foot climbing wall or our 30-foot high ropes course. 
Archery – Camp Couchiching’s Outdoor Centre has a spacious, shaded and safe archery range. Your students will learn how to string a bow and knock and shoot an arrow in a controlled and structured environment. Camp Couchiching is affiliated with the Ontario Archery Association. This interest session will finish off with archery games/tournament where the students can test their skills.
Arts and Crafts – Students will get to explore their crafty side by visiting our Arts and Creativity Centre. This interest session is a great way for the students to take home their very own souvenir from Camp Couchiching’s Outdoor Centre. Crafts will range from traditional to trendy; bracelet making, canvas bag decorating, tie-dying, recycled record art, wind chime building and much more.
Bic Boarding – Available in June/September only. Based out of our windsurfing area, bic boarding is a recreational activity that will make the students feel like they are surfers. With the use of our windsurfing ‘bic boards’ students will head out onto the lake with a partner or two to make some waves. Students will test their balance, speed and creativity in exciting bic boarding activities. Half of the challenge/fun in just staying on the board!
Canoeing – This interest session gives your students a chance to learn the basics of canoeing. At the beginning of the lesson your students will receive on-land instructionexplaining the parts of a canoe and paddle, how sit in a canoe and some basic strokes. Students will then have ample time to get in canoes and paddle around our beautiful bay. Closer to the end of the session the students will be able to practice their strokes through races and games.
Drama – Our camp drama program invites group members to participate in a wide variety of activities with a focus on personal and creative expression. Activities will include drama games, improvisation, contests and skits. If interested, performances can be prepared during this time for a talent show evening program or for campfire.
Kayaking – Instruction begins with an ‘on-land’ introduction to kayaking; how to hold the paddle, how to paddle forward, backward and turn and how to get in and out of a kayak safely. Once on Lake Couchiching, students will be able to explore the bay by putting their new kayaking knowledge to use. The class will conclude with a large group activity out on the water.
Geocaching – Have your students practice and improve their navigational skills with our exciting NEW geocaching program. Students will venture around our site in partners or small groups to find designated locations, things or people. We also offer traditional map and compass orienteering with a twist or we can switch it up with a creative camp-focused scavenger hunt.
Outdoor Living Skills – OLS is an interactive program that teaches students basic wilderness survival skills. Members of your group may learn how to cook outdoors, how to read a map, build a shelter, the principles of no-trace camping and/or fire building.
Rhythm Circle – Come and catch the beat in our fun and interactive rhythm based program. Students will work together to explore music and their environment “hands on” through the use of a variety of drums. This activity creates a sense of connectivity, an opportunity for self-expression and an amazing sound.
Teambuilding – This program is designed to create a positive group dynamic amongst your students. Icebreakers, trust activities, initiative games and our low ropes course will be used to facilitate teambuilding. Students will be presented with challenges and as a group; they will have to come up with solutions. These activities will encourage and develop goal setting, constructive communication, cooperation, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Students will debrief and reflect after each challenge to identify places for improvement and to celebrate their successes. To provide a more thorough teambuilding session you can sign up twice for this interest session.
Turf – Our most popular summer camp activity joins the Outdoor Centre line-up. Turf is a land-based large group activity that balances cooperation with friendly competition. Students will participate in exciting active and interactive games and sports.
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